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Designer Spotlight by Metropolitan Museum of Design Detroit 2018



This original painting was done in conjunction with the Metropolitan Museum of Design Detroit Fashion Design Dare 2018.  This event highlighted original work by myself which included my jewelry, fashion, and this original painting which was inspired by all three subjects.

The story behind this piece is that as a kid I always wanted to play guitar.  My parents wanted me to learn instrument that might be a little easier to learn so they chose the flute. Never did get the chance to learn guitar so I jumped right back into my art and never looked back. Never fully learned the flute either, LOL!  The fact that he is holding it in his left hand represents the artistic ability to utilize both sides of the brain and in doing so opens up much more creativity.  

The color palette color represents the dark moodiness of what I go through sometimes as an artist but through years of work and therapy that is all changing from the heart center out as I am stepping into a new light and new energy within my work.