About Rich

I was given the gift of creativity! I have been creating since I could hold a crayon. I am an Entrepreneur, Graphic Designer, Fashion Designer, Jewelry Designer and Inspirational Artist living as an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and creating with Bi Polar II.

I have established my own design company, Wrighteous House of Design, Inc.; which has allowed me to work in many different fields of the art world and function on my own schedule. It’s what allows me the flexibility I need as a creative. An area of focus has been my jewelry. I did not go to school for jewelry design but with my entrepreneurial spirit have found the resources to bring my designs to life. Creating everything from sketch to finished product, I have learned very quickly what I am able to do in the process of lost wax jewelry making.

I have very little formal training as an artist. I did spend 5 semesters at Pensacola Christian College in Florida studying graphic design. The stress of having to work and take classes along with completing projects was just too much. I was not succeeding with the general education classes which made me realize I was wasting time and money trying to pursue my career in a traditional manner. I dropped out and returned home to Mount Clemens, MI. and jumped head first into being the entrepreneur I am.

Creating is what I do, but while working various jobs in the entertainment and service industry, I was able to showcase my talents as a visual creative to many artists in the entertainment field. This has lead to many opportunities. I have worked with Kid Rock, The Romantics, Taproot, Tantric, Ted Nugent and many others.

I have also worked with Bacardi International designing promotional outfits for onsite promotional models. I worked on the Tropico Campaign, The “Fight for your Right for Bacardi” Campaign, Mackinaw Boat Races promotion, 2001 Kentucky Derby promotion and also Dewars Rocks campaign. I was also selected to be showcased as a local Metro Detroit designer for the Absolute Vodka Couture fashion shows in 1998 and 2000 along side of designers such as Anna Sui, Marc Buchanan, Maurice Malone and GiGi Hunter.

My creative talents allow me to handle most of the creative branding and imagery to market myself in all of my creative endeavors. All the while managing what I have dubbed “The Artist Curse™”. The inspirational part of my story is that I don’t allow that label to define or keep me from creating. The lowest of lows still have glimmers of creative light that break through and cause me to keep moving forward. That little light seems to never go out and also allows me to encourage other artists who deal with the roller coaster ride of depression, anxiety, mania and manage other blocks that come about as an artist.


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