The Artist Curse and Blessings 

As an artist we are told “No” many many times. This is something that directly affects our soul.  If we think on this too long as someone with Bi Polar ll might do, it will cripple us! Shut us down for days or cause us to not create at all. I have learned over the years to be able to recognize the echo of that “No” and stop it from bouncing around in my head. Now it doesn’t always work to stop it but I have been able to manage it and continue to create.  The main point is to be able to recognize it, and remember that the “No” is only someones opinion. Its NOT the true guidance system that we each individually posses as our “heart voice” that gave us the idea to create to begin with. That is what we must be true too, that internal inspiration that caused you to want to create. I hope that my story has been able to give you some hope and if it has that is the blessing of my “curse”!

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