The Artist Curse and Blessings

image-1-1024x682Having Bi Polar II is never easy as an artist!  I was diagnosed in 1995 and have had to work daily to be able to manage it and also stay creative.  One of the things that I was able to relate to very quickly was the studies that have been done that describe artists that have had mental illness throughout history. It gave a great understanding to what I deal with on a daily basis, it has led for me to coin the term “The Artist Curse”.

This term, does not define me though and neither does the diagnosis.  I think its more of an attention getter that I hope can bring light to the stigma and awareness to what we have to deal with being artists and often times misunderstood or mislabeled.  For me personally one of the things that truly seems to be a curse is having to try to handle a website.  I know exactly what I want it to look like but getting there is a constant struggle and can cause me to spin out into a manic or depressive state very easily if i let it.  I have had to just do what i can to a point and then STOP, when I have that feeling coming on.  I have to leave the computer and allow my mind to reset.  Sometimes it just a matter of getting away from it, getting out of the chair and walking around for a bit, meditating, listen to some music, or maybe go outside. Going outside I find is a really quick and helpful way to reset my mind.  Being outside in nature allows me to instantly reset at a more rapid rate than any of the other techniques.  Visually, textural, and emotionally nature has what it takes to get me back to a place of natural creativity and focus as an artist.  I can then go about what I need to do, and eventually get back to the website attempt!  Eventually one day I can hire someone to just handle this technical component of being an artist but until then maybe this will help you. If this is the case then the curse has become a blessing!

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